Episode 6

June 17, 2021


The Future Of Home

The Future Of Home
The Interior Design Business
The Future Of Home

Show Notes

2020 was the year that bought our homes and the way we use them into sharp focus. Stuck inside while the pandemic raged, we were all forced to find space at home to work, play and carry out activities that would previously have been done elsewhere. For residential interior designers, all this domestic churn has created real challenges as they try to advise their clients on future home trends and accurately interpret their needs. But was 2020 really the year that changed everything? Or, were these lifestyle changes already taking place? Will these changes be a permanent feature of our future lives and how can interior designers determine what advice to offer their clients? To discuss all of this and more, Susie Rumbold and Jeff Hayward are joined by Suzanne Knight, Partner and Sales Manager, Property at John Lewis & Partners, Sarah O’Sullivan, from the Trend team at John Lewis & Partners, and Verity Coleman, residential interior designer and founder of design practice, Rascal & Roses. This epsiode is recorded at the Peter Jones store in Sloane Square and is supported by John Lewis & Partners. We'd also like to thank Parkside Architectural Tiles for their support. The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood production.

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