Episode 5

May 26, 2023


Career Changing To Interior Design

Career Changing To Interior Design
The Interior Design Business
Career Changing To Interior Design

May 26 2023 | 00:51:43


Show Notes

Many people would love to have a career in interior design. To get there, some take the conventional route of obtaining an interior design qualification straight out of school and then gain experience within an established design practice before branching out on their own, but many also set up businesses later in life and enjoy a satisfying career having already had a career in another field.

Do late-design bloomers have any advantages over their younger rivals? And is it possible to be a good designer without a design qualification?

We are joined today by three designers from very different backgrounds to discuss this topic - Charlotte Dawson from Chestnut Interiors, Stephen Tozer from Boaz Interiors and Susie Rumbold, creative director of Tessuto Interiors and a Past President of the British Institute of Interior Design.

Recorded in front of a live audience at Design Central South West in Blagdon, Somerset. Thanks to Havwoods, the prevailing name in beautiful wood flooring. 

The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood Plus production.  

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