Emotion In Design

Episode 3 March 18, 2021 00:32:28
The Interior Design Business
Emotion In Design

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In his 2003 book, Emotional Design, the well-known American academic, Don Norman, came up with a theory to capture how and why people react, and emotionally connect, to certain objects and visual experiences. His theory was that true delight and enduring pleasure in something can only be achieved if positive visceral, behavioural and reflective reactions are achieved. In this episode, Jeff and Susie are joined by Brian Woulfe of Designed by Woulfe to explore how this theory can be applied to the design of interior spaces. Is Don Norman’s approach just marketing spin or are there real benefits to be had? And, if so, how can designers ensure their clients respond positively to their designs on all levels? Thanks to our series partner Parkside Architectural Tiles for their support. The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood production.

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