Episode 3

April 03, 2023


Finding The Right Interior Designer

Finding The Right Interior Designer
The Interior Design Business
Finding The Right Interior Designer

Apr 03 2023 | 00:59:31


Show Notes

Buying the services of an interior designer is unlike any other purchase. The client knows they have a project and a set of requirements, they have a budget figure in mind, they know when they want the project to end, and they may know what they like, but beyond that they have no idea what the finished product will be.

For most people that is a truly daunting prospect. The answer,of course, is to get help from a professional. But where can you go to find this wonderful person who truly gets you and will be able to give you the perfect product? And, once you think you have found them how can you be certain that they can deliver?

Jackie Fisken from Ampersand Interiors, John Amabile from John Amabile Design and Nicky Emlick from N M Design joined co-hosts Jeff Hayward and Susie Rumbold to share their views in a lively discussion recorded in front of a live audience at the splendid sofa.com showroom in Glasgow.  

Thanks to our series supporter, Havwoods.  


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