Episode 7

July 27, 2023


Storytelling In Interior Design

Storytelling In Interior Design
The Interior Design Business
Storytelling In Interior Design

Jul 27 2023 | 00:39:20


Show Notes

If ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, then surely an interior can tell a thousand stories?

Our most beloved interior spaces are grounded in a time and place and speak eloquently of the lives of the people who have inhabited them either now or in the past.

But what is the magic essence that makes these much-loved places so special? And how can interior designers recreate this magic in their work?  

To shed light on these questions, we're joined by consummate storytellers Inge Moore and Nathan Hutchins, co-founders and creative directors of global interior design studio, Muza Lab.

This episode was recorded at the London home of Inge Moore. Thanks to Havwoods, the prevailing name in beautiful wood flooring for their support. 

The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood Plus production.  

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