Episode 14

December 23, 2020


The Future Of Hotel Design

The Future Of Hotel Design
The Interior Design Business
The Future Of Hotel Design

Dec 23 2020 | 00:49:24


Show Notes

In March 2020, hotel design was booming. There were 6,860 luxury hotels in the construction pipeline in Europe alone, containing a planned number of 1,516,493 new guest rooms. The sector was experiencing unprecedented global expansion and new groups of customers with new requirements were emerging. And, then, along came COVID-19... How have hotel designers dealt with the challenges they've faced in 2020? What long-term impact might the pandemic have on hotel design and what other trends are affecting the way they will be working on future schemes? Co-hosts Jeff Hayward and Susie Rumbold are joined by Elizabeth Lane from RPW Design and Fiona Thompson from Richmond International to find out the answers. The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood production.

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