Episode 7

July 21, 2022


The Pursuit of Wellness

The Pursuit of Wellness
The Interior Design Business
The Pursuit of Wellness

Jul 21 2022 | 00:52:22


Show Notes

In this episode, we’re exploring healthy spaces, happy places and how to integrate wellness into the design process.

Wellness is defined as ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal’.

Interior designers have always understood that well-ordered, functional spaces can relieve anxiety and bring relaxation and peace, but today’s well-informed clients are now demanding enhanced wellness as requisite for their interior spaces.

So, what exactly constitutes wellbeing? How can we achieve this elusive goal?And, what should interior designers do to keep pace with the latest thinking on wellness and apply that theory in their work?

We're joined by Karen Stonely and Peter Pelsinki, co-founders and the creative force behind SPAN Architecture LLC, the internationally renowned, New York-based, architecture and design studio, to find out how they embed design for wellness at the core of their spectacular projects. 

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