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The Interior Design Business

"The Interior Design Business" is a monthly podcast for professional interior designers working in the UK. We hear from practitioners, educators and influencers who appreciate the day-to-day and longer-term challenges that designers face and offer...more

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Episode 11

November 24, 2022

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Showroom Part Two

The working life of an interior designer is rarely, if ever, entirely plain sailing. As we strive to deliver projects on time, that meet our client’s brief as well as their budget, there are frequently bumps on the road to navigate, pitfalls to avoid and unforeseen difficulties that arise which challenge the most resourceful and most creative-thinking designers. So, quite how do interior designers manage to deal with what’s thrown at them to make sure they solve the seemingly insoluble and emerge triumphant, against all odds, to the delight of all parties, especially their clients!  Let’s find out in the company of Philip Vergeylen and Heather Lindahl from the internationally renowned design firm, Paolo Moschino. This episode was recorded in front of a live audience as part of the Decorex Talks programme.  ...



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Episode 11

October 20, 2022

Is TV Good For Interior Design?

We all know those crazy interior design TV shows where wannabe amateur designers try to cover themselves sometimes in glory but more often than not cover themselves in paint. Love them or hate them they make weirdly compelling viewing for practicing designers and the public alike. But do these reality TV shows bear any resemblance to what real designers do? How do they impact the public’s perception of the interior design profession? What is it really like to be a contestant, and do the winners go on to become renowned designers in their own right?  We asked Verity Coleman from Rascal & Roses, Siobhan Murphy from Interior Curve and Peter Grech from The SpaceMaker Interiors the question, ‘Is TV Good For Interior Design?’ in this episode, recorded in front of a live audience at DesignCentral North West.  Find out what they have to say in a fascinating and hugely entertaining hour of conversation with Susie Rumbold and Jeff Hayward.   ...



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Episode 10

September 22, 2022

Sustainability: Your Questions Answered

There are many ways in which products can be unsustainable. Some are flown halfway round the world, some are produced using unacceptable quantities of water and other natural materials, some produce dangerously polluting substances as bi-products and others exploit and dehumanize the people that produce them. And then there is the problem of what happens to the product when it is no longer required. But in a world of competing sustainability claims, how can designers find out the truth about the products they specify and steer a confident path between the many hazards? We're joined by three designers in the vanguard of the interior design sustainability movement to answer the questions at the forefront of designer minds: Alexandra Jurkiewicz, Creative Lead at Helen Green Design, Chloe Bullock, founder of Materialise Interiors and David Chenery, founder and director of Object Space Place.  This episode was recorded in front of a live audience of designers gathered at the newly renovated showroom of sofa.com in Chelsea.  ...



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Episode 9

September 14, 2022

Previewing Decorex 2022

In this show, we’re looking forward to Decorex 2022, Europe’s leading event for interior design professionals, which opens its doors at Olympia London on Sunday 9th October running until Wednesday 12th October.   So, what can we expect from this year's event?   We talk to Bethan Laura Wood, Carden Cunietti, Natascha Dartnall, Alidad, De Rosee Sa and Rita Konig to find out. ...



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Episode 8

August 25, 2022

The Confident Client

All designers have them. The clients who are allergic to colour, refuse to listen to the designer’s pearls of wisdom, fail to recognise their strokes of genius and only want what they already have. Or, worse still what their best friend already has! But why are some clients so afraid, and what exactly are they afraid of? And how can interior designers help their clients discover their true inner style and be confident in expressing it? In this show, we are joined by leading residential designers and masters of confident eclecticism, Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti, co-founders of Carden Cunietti to find out how it’s done. ...



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Episode 7

July 21, 2022

The Pursuit of Wellness

In this episode, we’re exploring healthy spaces, happy places and how to integrate wellness into the design process. Wellness is defined as ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal’. Interior designers have always understood that well-ordered, functional spaces can relieve anxiety and bring relaxation and peace, but today’s well-informed clients are now demanding enhanced wellness as requisite for their interior spaces. So, what exactly constitutes wellbeing? How can we achieve this elusive goal?And, what should interior designers do to keep pace with the latest thinking on wellness and apply that theory in their work? We're joined by Karen Stonely and Peter Pelsinki, co-founders and the creative force behind SPAN Architecture LLC, the internationally renowned, New York-based, architecture and design studio, to find out how they embed design for wellness at the core of their spectacular projects.  ...