Episode 2

December 04, 2018


Designer Fees And Getting Paid

Designer Fees And Getting Paid
The Interior Design Business
Designer Fees And Getting Paid

Dec 04 2018 | 00:37:25


Show Notes

In this episode, we get our teeth into one of the most talked about topics for professional interior designers: fees. How do you go about pricing a project? What value should you place on design? How should you deal with FF&E? How does pricing affect the perception of interior design as a profession? And, ultimately, we also look at the steps you can take to ensure your client pays for the service you provide. Listen in for insights and practical advice provided by two Past Presidents of the British Institute of Interior Design, co-presenter Susie Rumbold of Tessuto and Lori Pinkerton-Rolet of Park Grove Design. Finally, we discover the life-changing experience that has made Lori the designer she is today. Recorded in the offices of Tessuto, this epsiode is sponsored by Crestron. The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood and Alfi Media production.

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