Episode 7

July 12, 2020


Diversity In Interior Design

Diversity In Interior Design
The Interior Design Business
Diversity In Interior Design

Jul 12 2020 | 00:37:58


Show Notes

The recent horrific killing of George Floyd in the US and the worldwide protests that followed have sparked a long overdue discussion in the UK about the lack of opportunities afforded to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in every aspect of their lives, including their careers. How difficult is it to be a BAME designer working in the interior design profession today? What are the barriers encountered by young BAME people, trying to get started in their design careers? And, what should be done to address these issues? We're joined by Design Career Consultant, Simon Hamilton, and Charmaine White of The White House Interiors to explore diversity in interior design. We support Design For Diversity and we support United in Design, a movement which, since the recording of this epsiode, has now launched. We are a Wildwood production.

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