Rethinking Technology And Interiors For The Post-Pandemic Home

Episode 8 August 19, 2020 01:00:12
The Interior Design Business
Rethinking Technology And Interiors For The Post-Pandemic Home

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Never before in the history of the modern family have homes been under such intense pressure as they have been since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Residential properties that would have been mostly empty during weekdays and only fully occupied during sleeping hours have suddenly had to do double duty as office, school, and gym, putting enormous strain on occupants as they compete for the space they need. We are radically rethinking our homes and how we want to live. What should interior designers be focusing on to meet these new needs? And, how can technology help in solving some of the issues encountered in this Brave New World? Join Vanessa Leyland of Vanessa Leyland Interiors, Andrew Royall of Eclectic Home Technology and Susie Rumbold of Tessuto Interiors to find out. Sponsored by CEDIA, this episode is an edited, audio-only version of our webinar which is available to view, if preferred,from the on-demand content at Designscape here: We are a Wildwood production.

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