Episode 11

October 16, 2020


Taking The Brief

Taking The Brief
The Interior Design Business
Taking The Brief

Oct 16 2020 | 00:39:24


Show Notes

In this show, co-presenter Susie Rumbold, Creative Director of Tessuto Interiors, and our special guest, Julia Alexander of Julia Alexander Interiors talk us through that significant first step for a designer in any client relationship, taking the brief. The success or failure of every project lies in their ability to extract an accurate brief from their clients. It sounds straightforward enough, but many clients who begin work with a designer are unable to articulate what it is that they need and want. Often, they simply don’t know, and, in many cases, they are not aware of what is possible. So, where should designers begin in this process and how do they determine what questions to ask their clients in order to gain the information essential to delivering that successful project? This episode is a Wildwood production.

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