Episode 5

May 19, 2022


What Does Success Mean To You?

What Does Success Mean To You?
The Interior Design Business
What Does Success Mean To You?

May 19 2022 | 00:54:32


Show Notes

Success, like beauty, is firmly in the eye of the beholder.

For interior designers, and the practices they run, it goes without saying that success involves happy clients and being paid to create beautiful, functional interiors but, in reality, what does this look like? What really constitutes success for an interior designer? Is it fame? Or is it fortune? And in the end, does size really matter?

In this show, recorded in front of a live audience of designers at the fabulous Roca London Gallery as part of the Chelsea Design Quarter Springtime Sessions, Jeff and Susie talk with David Goodman, COO of the renowned David Collins Studio, and Monique Tollgard Co-founder and Head of Studio of the Tollgard Design Group, to find out what success means to them personally and professionally. 



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