Episode 1

January 20, 2022


Hit Them With Your Best Shot!

Hit Them With Your Best Shot!
The Interior Design Business
Hit Them With Your Best Shot!

Jan 20 2022 | 00:48:53


Show Notes

So, you have spent a fortune on your website and have a clutch of completed photogenic projects ready to be showcased. As a designer, you know that quality photographs will make your interiors sing and induce those high spending clients to pick up the phone.

But how do you go about finding that special photographer who will be capable of conveying and amplifying your unique style?

Once found, how should you work with them to ensure you ratchet the maximum value from each photoshoot?

And how important is the quality of communication between designer and photographer in ensuring a breathtaking outcome?

We're joined by the experienced interior design photographer, James Balston, to find out the answers.

This episode is a Wildwood production.       

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