How To Attract The Perfect Clients

Episode 13 December 16, 2021 00:44:23
The Interior Design Business
How To Attract The Perfect Clients

Show Notes

For interior design projects, the perfect client is one with deep pockets and a spirit of adventure; a client who admires their designer’s personal style and respects and trusts the designer’s vision for their spaces.

So just how important is it for designers to have a recognisable style to attract their dream clients?

And how should designers define their unique design vision and then communicate it effectively to attract those dream clients?

We're joined by acclaimed interior designer Susie Atkinson for her perspective on this fascinating topic as she shares her own journey with a live audience of designers, together with her views on interior design style and client relationships.

This episode was recorded at the Roca London Gallery as part of the podcast's third birthday celebrations. We are grateful to series sponsors, Parkside Architectural Tiles, for their support.

We are a Wildwood production.     


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