Episode 12

November 18, 2021


Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business
The Interior Design Business
Growing Your Business

Nov 18 2021 | 00:44:02


Show Notes

Most interior designers begin in a whirl of creativity, energy and optimism.

In an average working week, they will act as designer, specifier, accountant, project manager, client liaison, IT support, office dogsbody and tea-lady.

There is no time to spare for marketing the business or finding new clients. Workflows are impossible to manage, and famine follows feast in a never-ending cycle that can be difficult to break. This is the curse of the small business.

Yet some design businesses seem to quickly grow and effortlessly thrive acquiring prestige and financial success along the way. Their founders serene, glamorous and much admired.  

So, what is their secret? At what point did they make the jump to hyperspace? And how did they orchestrate it?

In this episode, we are joined by two very special guests, successful designer Lindsey Rendall, British Institute of Interior Design President and founding partner of Rendall and Wright, and Rose Murray, founder and creative force behind These White Walls, to find out they did it.


This episode was recorded at the Parkside Studio in Clerkenwell - thanks to Parkside for their support. 

We are a Wildwood production. 


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