Episode 12

December 21, 2023


Women In Property & Construction

Women In Property & Construction
The Interior Design Business
Women In Property & Construction

Dec 21 2023 | 00:39:14


Show Notes

When UK employment for women is broken down by sector, construction comes last in the table. Only 14.7% of those employed in the industry are women. This is 32.9 percentage points lower than the national average. At a time of industry-wide skill shortages, this represents a calamitous wasted opportunity both for construction and for women.  

So, what are the factors at play that keep women out of the sector? What can be done to correct this position? And what benefits will women bring to construction once they do join their male colleagues as full participants?  

Hear the discussion unfold, at the Design Club in the Chelsea Design Centre, with Susie Rumbold who is joined by Karen Howes, Founder and CEO of Taylor Howes Designs and Agnita Benjamin, Senior Quantity Surveyor at Verve Concepts, where they share valued insights and experiences from their times working on site! 

Thanks to our series supporters, Havwoods, the prevailing name in beautiful wood flooring.  


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