And The Nominations Are...

Episode 3 March 25, 2022 00:34:39
And The Nominations Are...
The Interior Design Business
And The Nominations Are...

Show Notes

Interior designers are always looking for ways to showcase their work and gain recognition from a wider audience, but this is not always easy to achieve. Getting editorial coverage in glossy magazines can be tricky and Instagram has become a seriously crowded place. But what about winning interior design awards?

Will winning a recognised design award bring about the desired rise in profile? Or does the cost and effort of entering outweigh the benefits? And in a space crowded with design award schemes, how can you tell which ones are the real deal? 

We're joined by two multi-award-winning practitioners, May Fawzy of specialist workplace design practice MF Design Studio and Matt Freeman, Senior Associate at Goddard Littlefair and President-Elect of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), to talk about how they go about entering, and more importantly, winning interior design awards. 

We also receive privileged insights into the new BIID Interior Design Awards scheme. 

This episode is a Wildwood production. 


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