Interior Design And The Circular Economy

Episode 8 August 13, 2021 00:55:03
Interior Design And The Circular Economy
The Interior Design Business
Interior Design And The Circular Economy

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In this episode, we explore interior design and the circular economy with Jules Haines from The Haines Collection and Chaline Church from 540 World.

In 2018, a major study concluded that the world was only 9% circular with more than 90% of raw materials not being cycled back into the economy.

Clearly, for the health of the planet and the survival of the human race, we must become more sustainable and resource-resilient.

But how will this new thinking impact the sourcing and use of materials in the construction industry? How can interior designers embed circularity into their approach to design? And, how can we best encourage our clients to embrace this new way of consuming?

This episode was recorded at the Sustainability Studio of series supporter, Parkside Architectural Tiles in Clerkenwell. Thanks also John Lewis & Partners Business for their support.  


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