Episode 10

September 22, 2022


Sustainability: Your Questions Answered

Sustainability: Your Questions Answered
The Interior Design Business
Sustainability: Your Questions Answered

Sep 22 2022 | 01:02:52


Show Notes

There are many ways in which products can be unsustainable.

Some are flown halfway round the world, some are produced using unacceptable quantities of water and other natural materials, some produce dangerously polluting substances as bi-products and others exploit and dehumanize the people that produce them. And then there is the problem of what happens to the product when it is no longer required.

But in a world of competing sustainability claims, how can designers find out the truth about the products they specify and steer a confident path between the many hazards?

We're joined by three designers in the vanguard of the interior design sustainability movement to answer the questions at the forefront of designer minds: Alexandra Jurkiewicz, Creative Lead at Helen Green Design, Chloe Bullock, founder of Materialise Interiors and David Chenery, founder and director of Object Space Place. 

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience of designers gathered at the newly renovated showroom of sofa.com in Chelsea. 

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