Episode 4

February 19, 2019


The State Of Design Education

The State Of Design Education
The Interior Design Business
The State Of Design Education

Feb 19 2019 | 00:27:12


Show Notes

In this episode we take a look at the state of design education with expert help and insight from the Principal of the KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs, and co-presenter, Susie Rumbold, Head of London-based design practice, Tessuto. We ask if design education is preparing graduates successfully for real-world employment. We also consider other important questions. How is interior design education changing to meet the needs of the construction industry? What are the key skills that interior design practices look for in graduates? And, what can be done to ease that, sometimes, painful transition from education into professional practice? Susie reveals how, even when qualified, the learning process never stops and Jenny takes us right back to the beginning of her career in design education to explain the origins of KLC. This episode is recorded in the offices of KLC. The Interior Design Business is a Wildwood and Alfi Media production.

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