The Business Start-Up

Episode 2 February 17, 2022 00:51:44
The Business Start-Up
The Interior Design Business
The Business Start-Up

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You’ve worked hard to get your interior design qualifications and you have spent years working even harder in other people’s design studios honing your knowledge and skills. Finally, you feel ready to break free, spread your entrepreneurial wings and run your own interior design company.  

But how do you know when the time is right to take the first step? And do you go it alone or join forces with a partner? Should you rush out and rent office space? And, most importantly, how will you let prospective clients know you are open for business and ready to take on their projects?

New kids on the block, Courtney Giles and Marianne Roe, explain how and why they set up Studio Smiths and what's making their partnership such a success. 

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