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"The Interior Design Business" is a monthly podcast for professional interior designers working in the UK. We hear from practitioners, educators and influencers who appreciate the day-to-day and longer-term challenges that designers face and offer practical, first-hand advice on how to deal with these issues. "The Interior Design Business" enables you to learn from others in the design community so that you can develop the skills you need to succeed as an interior designer. We're informed, insightful and entertaining, too. "The Interior Design Business" is a joint production of [Alfi Media](, [Tessuto]( and [Wildwood](, the people who connect the professional design community.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Working With Architects

    In the latest episode, we’re looking at the relationship between architects and interior designers. Do architects and interior designers get on? And, if not, why not? Some architects are known to dismiss interior designers as mere cushion fluffers whilst interior designers can see architects as patronising at best and bullying ...


  2. Sourcing Secrets

    We examine the secrets of successful sourcing in another live audience special. Once upon a time, interior designers were only as good as the contents of their “little black book”. Favoured suppliers and specialist tradespeople were jealously guarded secrets. In today’s age of the internet and globalisation, we’re in a different ...


  3. Ironclad Fee Proposals

    Susie and Jeff are joined by Charles Leon of Leon Black, a Past President of the British Institute of Interior Design, to examine the fee proposal. As a designer, your fee proposal should speak volumes about you, your approach to design and your practice. Typically, it’s the first piece of ...


  4. Succeed With Social Media

    In our first ever show recorded in front of a live audience, we examine social media for professional interior designers. Interior designer, Simone Suss, founder and CEO of London-based practice, Studio Suss (17.8K followers on Instagram), together with well-known interiors influencer and the uncontested queen of colour, Sophie Robinson (78.4K ...


  5. Building Private Client Relationships

    We're in Manchester to explore the chemistry between interior designers and private residential clients. It can be hugely satisfying and fun to work on private residential projects. Indeed, interior designers can have a massively positive impact on the lives of clients and their families. All designers dream of working for ...